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    Workers’ Compensation

    The cost of a workplace injury goes far beyond what you pay for insurance.

    Your premiums could increase, profits may suffer and other people may be affected. Depending on your industry, your claim history and the size of your workforce, workers’ compensation may be the single largest insurance cost on your balance sheet.
    The team at ICCF can help guide you through this complex coverage and find the best solution.

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    Tips and Benefits
    to Consider

    Accidents happen, but workers’ compensation gives your business a safety net.

    In addition to helping cover medical bills and lost wages, the coverage may help with rehabilitation services to help get your employee back to work and can also help with legal costs in the event of a lawsuit.

    Thank you so much for your assistance, as I believe your part in this process has been the reason that we were able to shorten the very long review process that I was certainly going to have to face prior to your intervention. Thank You Again!

    - Robin G.