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Professional Liability

Professional liability insurance may take on different forms depending on the profession. In medical professions, it’s called malpractice insurance, while insurance agents, consultants, brokers and lawyers use errors and omissions (E&O) insurance.

Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance is the heart of an effective risk management strategy.

We will help you identify your specific exposures and structure a cost-effective, customized insurance program solution that includes the most appropriate type and limits of Errors & Omissions insurance.

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Tips and Benefits
to Consider

Ultimately, anyone can sue your business if they feel they have suffered a loss due to your services—actual or perceived. For example, a real estate agent could get sued by a client who feels the loss of a property acquisition was a direct result of the agent’s mismanagement. Making sure your business is protected in these instances may prevent financial hardship.

If you are purchasing a professional liability insurance, keep in mind that legal costs can be a significant percentage of the total expense of a lawsuit. You may want to purchase additional limits to ensure that your business is fully covered.

Having a professional liability insurance policy can help protect your business from being destroyed by an unhappy client or one mistake that led to significant financial loss.

Thank you so much for your assistance, as I believe your part in this process has been the reason that we were able to shorten the very long review process that I was certainly going to have to face prior to your intervention. Thank You Again!

- Robin G.